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Table/Wall mount Brochure Holder A5 4 Tier Tk 6-4 CI (MLD) 77901


011 Mld

  • Branding / Printing cost is extra
  • Delivery Charges applicable
  • MOQ is 50 Pcs or Minimum Order we accept 100 USD / 400 AED

– The Table/Wall Mount Brochure Holder A5 4 Tier offers a versatile solution for organizing and displaying A5-sized brochures.
– Crafted from durable molded plastic, this holder ensures longevity and stability for your brochure display.
– Features a four-tier design, providing ample space for organizing and presenting multiple A5-sized brochures in a neat and accessible manner.
– Designed for both table and wall mounting, allowing for flexible placement options to suit various display needs and environments.
– Ideal for offices, reception areas, waiting rooms, retail stores, and trade shows where informational materials need to be showcased professionally and attractively.
– The clear plastic construction offers a clean and modern appearance, effectively showcasing your brochures and capturing the attention of viewers.


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