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Corporate & Promotional Gifts Supplier in Dubai, UAE

Gift Planet is a well established and dedicated supplier of corporate gifts in Dubai Known for its unmatched promotional gifting services. Gift Planet integrates the needs of its customers within the contemporary target markets. With a vivid ranging plethora of more than 10,000 products, Gift Planet is a regular name in the field of corporate and advertising gifts in Dubai. Our sincere team of product assistants specialize in furnishing mind-blowing giveaway gifting ideas for your office staff.

Businesses from Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi made many purchases to make their events memorable. There are a large number of modern, trendy and unique corporate gifts available on Gift Planet. We have categorized each gift item into different segments to make it easy to find and order for you.

We are spreading our wings and making our stunning gift items available to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Purpose of corporate & promotional gifting in Business

Corporate gifting is becoming an essential part of marketing strategy, and it is important to have an effective strategy in place. It is a great way to build relationships with customers, clients, business partners & stakeholders. 

Corporate gifting is probably the best way to show them the care, consideration, and value that are important to the company. It is also a great way to thank employees for their hard work and to celebrate milestones and achievements. 

It can also be used to generate word-of-mouth. You can give a gift or certificate to a customer, client, or partner and invite them to share it with their friends and family. It’s a gift given to someone who has helped you reach your goals and objectives. 

Promotional gifts are intended for the receiver to use for a particular purpose, such as to promote a product or business. Promotional gifts are often given by companies to consumers as a form of advertising. 

This is done by putting your company name or logo on the gift. The other main purpose is to have your company name or logo seen by the recipient. It is a great way to get your brand in front of more people, especially if it is something that is not as expensive. 

At Gift Planet we have a huge variety of promotional gifts in Dubai that can be personalized. From pens to mugs t-shirts to coffee mugs to mobile covers, you have the option to customize it with your business identity and other promotional information. Customization options include laser printing, laser embossing, embroidery, silk-screen printing etc.

Executive Corporate Gift Suppliers in Dubai

Gift Planet is one of the leading suppliers of executive corporate gifts in Dubai, UAE. We are pledged to deliver premium, innovative, top-notch corporate gifts suitable for executive officers of a company. We also deliver promotional gifts to any location in UAE in bulk. Our company understands your requirements and offers the best and most reasonable deals in the market.

There is a reason behind choosing Gift Planet to shop your promotional gifts and merchandise in UAE. We have a user-friendly home page allowing our clients to search with ease. Our algorithm also allows you to customize your gift, and the executives deliver in time.

Looking for a Giveaway items supplier in Dubai?

Finding the best giveaway items plays a crucial role in elevating the status of any brand. According to a 2016 business survey, the average time that people keep promotional products with them is 8 months till disposal. However, the time varies with different products with different usability.

Gift Planet only delivers the best gift items in UAE and is very sensitive to client feedback. It is so because we perceive our collection as a token of appreciation that every loyal employee deserves. Apart from the general gift section, Gift Planet also deals in customized gifts. Our clients are fond of our cakes, Balloons, Lapel Pins, and more.

How to choose the best Corporate Gifts in Dubai, UAE?

Choosing corporate gifts in Dubai is not as casual as you might think. So, here are some tips:

  • When it comes to buying a gift, it is important to have a glance at the company policy. Not all companies believe corporate gifting to be a successful business strategy. However, there might be some limitations, but it would be disgusting to return the gift.
  • A well-packed gift never fails to excite the receiver. Therefore, one must not take gift packaging casually. The recipient feels overwhelmed with respect for receiving a decorated gift.
  • If time permits, you should always research each employee in the room. Be sure about his likes and dislikes before presenting him any gift. A gift might also offend the receiver and will do more harm than good.

Why Choose us as Corporate gifts suppliers in Dubai?

Gift Planet is one is the leading modern, trendy, luxury gift items suppliers in Sharjah. We believe variety to be the utmost spice of life, and are looking forward to expanding our collection. Gift Planet specializes in luxury gift items, branded apparel, and more. We also provide our customers with the platform to customize their gifts. For utmost customer satisfaction, our gifts undergo laser printing, embossing, and several embroidery options.

What are some of the good corporate gifts?

Technology gift items

Without any doubt, technology gift items make a fabulous corporate gift. Our collection includes USBs, webcams, cable organizers, phone stands, and many more. For all those techie employees out there, these items will be a perfect choice.

Electronics gift items

Our electronic gift closet is full of surprises for almost every employee. We have an immense collection of phone stands, mobile covers for different variants, multi-charging ports, and many more. These giveaways in Dubai always come in handy and are client favorites.

Eco-friendly gift items

Eco-friendly items are probably the most innovative promotional gifts in Dubai. Gift Planet has a range of hand-woven jute bags, notebooks from recycled paper, and even bio cables. These corporate gifts in Dubai proved to be useful even at work.

Jute bags

We have a separate section in our closer that has a variety of jute bags. These jute bags are perfectly stitched and interwoven which makes them durable. Moreover, you’ll get a range of attractive designs to choose from.

Get Corporate gifts for different persons & occasions:


  1. For Boss:

Selecting a gift for your boss might be a delicate issue. No worries, our site has a plethora of gift solutions for your boss. These ideas include funky aprons, hats, and wristbands.

  1. For Manager:

Gift Planet also has a wide range of apparel collections for your manager. You can gift him a cooking apron if he has a craze for cooking. Moreover, you can gift him jute bags that might help him carry his official documents.

  1. Colleagues:

The best thing to gift your favorite colleague at work is an electronic gadget. Surprise him with a webcam or a cable organizer, and make his day wonderful. Besides, you can also gift a wristband if he is a fitness enthusiast.

  1. Ramadan:  

The holy occasion of Ramadan signifies brotherhood. You can select any gift from our collection with love and present it to your dear ones. However, we suggest you present a customized umbrella or a tea mug.

  1. For Christmas:

Keyrings and customized mugs make an ideal Christmas gift for loved ones. You can also choose jute bags and cardholders from our menu.

  1. Diwali:

For the occasion of Diwali, you have a wide variety of gift options to choose from. We have flash drives, USBs, and other electronic items.

  1. Boss’s Day:

Celebrate your Boss’s day and gift him something he will always remember. We have pouches made from premium leather with customizable options.

  1. Women’s Day:

For all those women out there in your life, gift them something special. Get a key ring, or a coffee mug, and use your creativity.

  1. Company Foundation Day:

To gift something on your company foundation day, you might have to order in bulk. Get some goodie bags full of snacks, and chocolates for your team!

  1. UAE National Day

To celebrate your National Day, there are lots of suitable gift items available in our store like the UAE flag, SS coin, national scarfs & badges etc.