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The mascot of the energy transition by Xoopar NFC ! The best seller Xoopar in connected version with NFC function!
A true digital communication tool, it allows you to share the desired information in a targeted, efficient and modern way.
No need for application, just scan the product to discover the information you want to share.
For specs : Multi-cable NFC Function Input: USB-C and USB Output: lightning, USB-C & Micro-USB Compatible with any type of device (smartphone, wireless earphone, GoPro, etc.) Guaranteed product 2 years The NFC multi-connector charging cable is being developed in progress.
We explain everything: 50% of the total volume of the product is made from recycled plastic
Packaging made of FSC-certified paper from forestry, with sustainable management Material : 60% recycled ABS 8% recycled PET 23%TPE recycled.
Packaging: Paper Sleeve.


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