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Themed Medals: Designed according to the specific theme or location of the race, these medals reflect the culture and characteristics of the city or region where the race is held. For example, a marathon in Hawaii might feature designs like the sun, ocean waves, and coconut trees.



  • Branding / Printing cost is extra
  • Delivery Charges applicable
  • MOQ is 50 Pcs or Minimum Order we accept 100 USD / 400 AED


Custom Shaped Medals: Personalized to fit the characteristics of the race, these medals can vary in shape to reflect the theme, course features, or race logo, allowing for more creative and unique designs.

Colored Medals: Apart from traditional gold, silver, and bronze, some marathons use different colors like blue, red, green, and purple for added visual appeal, matching the theme or environment of the course.

Different Medals Every Year: Some marathons change the design and appearance of their medals annually to maintain participant interest and reflect the evolving nature of the event, making each year’s medals collectible.

Age Group Medals: Awarded to runners in the same age group, acknowledging the different racing styles and physical strengths of various age categories.


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