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Buy Branded Men’s Card Holder at Best Price in UAE

You can’t see many people using green money to purchase their favourite items. They rely on the cashless medium, which calls for credit or debit cards. Keeping that thin piece of card somewhere inside your big purse isn’t a good idea. You will be spending hours standing in a queue, trying to find that card from your big purse. The only solution, you may ask? Well, get yourself a card holder wallet now!

Why and who should use card holder wallet?

There is no gender inequality when it comes to the credit card holder. Anyone can use it, who needs a compact place to store all their credit or debit cards. Let’s say that the undeniable comfort level of procuring a cardholder isn’t that big of a deal when you have a reputed center by your side.

It won’t cost you a hefty investment to get a holder for your cards. Moreover, these cardholders look stunning and will match your luxurious lifestyles as well. So, without wasting any time further, get yourself the premium quality holder and keep your cards in an organized manner.

Types and designs of cardholder wallet at GiftPlanet:

GiftPlanet has been brilliant in designing some of the premium quality visiting card holder for the esteemed client base for a long time. Whether you want anything in hard, soft, or medium-soft plastic, we have it brilliantly crafted, just for you.

Hard plastic – It is the primary quality that most people acquire from us because of its high tensile strength and long-lasting working ability. It can withstand daily use with ease.

Real Leather – Our team from GiftPlanet never compromises on the quality of business card holder. So, we use premium quality real leather for crafting some outstanding masterpieces.

Fabric cardholder – Let us introduce our top-notch quality fabric card holder, perfect for the stylish customers out there. Want a sleek design or any multi-colored print? Well, you have come to the right place!

Smooth metallic card holder – As understood from the name itself, we have metallic card holder for you too, known for its smooth surface and perfect shine.

Holder with RFID blocking – To try something different with card holder wallet in uae, get our product with RFID blocking. You will love it for sure.

We have a brilliant pocket card holder from some of the branded names in UAE, including Santhome, Serrioa, Hodim, Hans Larsen Olem, Swiss Highlander, and JULIUS Lamborghini. So, get the best product from our side always!

Why choose GiftPlanet?

If you want to add a touch of personalization to your card holder, we can help you with that. Moreover, we only deal with the top brands in the UAE to present our customers with modern design and premium quality results. Even the rates are insanely cost-effective!


Can you put cash in a card holder?

You can try putting some cash in your business card holder if you have space after putting them within.

What is the best cardholder?

We have the best ones in-store from reputed brands like Santhome, Serrioa, Hodim, Hans Larsen Olem, Swiss Highlander, and JULIUS Lamborghini.

How do you use a cardholder?

There’s no rocket science to use a card holder in dubai. Take the foam piece out from the slits and place your cards within. It is as simple as that!

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