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If you are ardent coffee lovers, you can’t ignore the value that coffee cups, mugs have in your life. The soft brewing coffee beans with the perfect touch of milk and sugar will ensure that your taste bud always has the best sensation. Glass it the primary material used for manufacturing top-notch quality coffee cup or travel mug. However, there is a group of people, focusing on the finest use of ceramic for crafting the best mugs for the coffee lovers out there.

Types and varieties of coffee cups and mugs from Gift Planet

For us at Gift Planet, it is all about quality coffee cups. Not just focusing on crafting the best coffee cups, but we have the finest teams working on the top-graded quality ceramic mug as your one-time purchase plan. Once you have got to our centre, you don’t have to bother about the quality. Once purchased, the coffee cups are structured to last long.

we also sell one of the best Arabic Coffee cups available in Dubai, UAE. These perfectly crafted handle-less coffee cups with unique Arabic scripts or design add an essence to your coffee drink.

Coffee mug types:

We have segmented our ceramic coffee cups under multiple heads, just to make navigation easier for our buyers. Some of our latest options in-store are as follows:

eco neutral coffee cup
simple coffee/ tea cups
ceramic mug with silicon base lid
sublimation mugs, cups
color changing cups/ mugs
colored rim handle
stainless steel mugs
shot glass mug

We have bigger sized mugs available as well, with a steel interior, which will keep your coffee hot for a longer span of time. These are noted as Vacuum Coffee Suction Mugs, available in various colourful variations.

Coffee cups:

Just like variations in coffee mugs, we have so many types of Arabic coffee cup for you as well. Make sure to go through all the available options before finalizing on the one you like.

XD DESIGN Dia coffee mug lime
Hans Larsen RANIS – Vacuum Coffee Suction Mug in multiple colors
Eco-Neutral Cupgo Coffee Mug
Vacuum Coffee Mug With Ceramic Coating in various colours

Each one of our specialty coffee cups is specially crafted using the best materials to make them last the longest. These are safe to use on a daily basis.

Top branded coffee cups & mugs in Dubai, UAE:

We at Gift planet ensures to work with only the best and top branded names of a coffee mug and cup manufacturers, and supply them to our clients with ease. Some of the best sellers in town are:

Bodum and more

Why choose Gift Planet for buying coffee cups/mugs?

In terms of quality and long-lasting ability of coffee cups, none can compete against us at Gift Planet. We are not just partnering with the best coffee cup manufacturers, but also testing out every product separately, before presenting our clients with the best coffee cups online.

Tea Cups Online

Besides coffee cups, mugs, we are also showcasing some of the exotically designed teacups online in UAE. If you love drinking tea, you should take a look at those cups made of glass, ceramics or porcelain materials.


What is the best coffee mug?

The brands that we have mentioned already provide some of the best coffee mugs you could have asked for.

What is the difference between a coffee cup and coffee mug?

Coffee cups are smaller in size when compared to the mugs.

Can a coffee cup in the oven?

If you have coffee cups glass by your side, you can easily put in inside your oven.

Is porcelain or ceramic better coffee mugs?

Yes, porcelain or ceramic mugs are always better in choice for coffee mugs.

Does coffee taste better in a white cup?

Not necessarily as it depends on the coffee beans, you are using and not the acme coffee cups always.

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