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We are living a life that is almost completely digitized. From wedding invites to grocery shopping and even publicity are all more inclined towards a strong online presence. Marketing has also progressed towards a more sophisticated approach to reach out more.

If we are to talk about what is new in marketing, it would be a hefty crime to leave out video brochures. Till now, you must have only heard of paper brochures that contain the information on what the company is trying to sell to their potential customers and how they are selling these products. 

What is a Video Brochure?

While brochures are an extremely important necessity to explain in detail about the product and its usability, the paper brochures are slowly being changed for a more eco-friendly approach that has a wider and much more interesting level of reachability.

We all know that the visual display of a product is way more interesting than a 2-dimensional paper presentation that requires us to imagine how the product may look. With video brochures, you can view every aspect of a company’s motive and what they want to put across to the audience at large. 

If you want to come across the best video brochure in Dubai, we have got you covered. The LCD video brochures display the necessary content required for marketing purposes and to attract potential consumers. 

Our video brochure marketing strategy includes custom-made video brochures that are used for video conferences, recruiting meetings, educational meetings, etc., to give you a  power presentation-like feel. 

Video brochure cards have replaced the traditional printed brochures for printing and marketing, and have superseded these by a large margin. Esthetically, Video brochures are more pleasing to look at, and a totality of the features of a company can be presented through it in a very comprehensive yet enticing manner. 

There is no limitation to the scope of animation and creating photography that can be employed to make one’s work supersede those of others. With video brochures, new techniques of graphic designing, as well as infographics, can be incorporated in their marketing videos, and these are much more advanced than a traditional video pamphlet

Why choose Gift Planet as Video Brochure Supplier in UAE?

Being one of the best video brochure suppliers in UAE, let us tell you why you should choose Gift Planet  to fulfil your video brochure requirements: 

  • We offer you a range of video brochures in different sizes like 2.4”, 5”, 7” and 10”. Our 7 inches video brochure is the most popular buy. 
  • Our video brochures come with a printed brochure, a video module, a USB, and a battery. In this package, we have covered every video brochure requirement for you. 
  • All inches of our video brochures come with a mini or micro USB cable and a point, with which you can charge the battery every time it goes off. 
  • We also supply video brochures with wifi requirements, so your customers can view them around areas where they have unlimited wifi access. 

Technical details of video brochures we produce

  • The battery source is sustainable and is made with lithium, it lasts long and its power rages to 500amh. Because of such high power, you do not need to keep charging your video brochures after every 15 minutes. 
  • The memory size on these video brochures is 512MB which is adequate to fit an advertising video in it. 
  • The video brochures are all motion and light sensor enabled.
  • The video brochure supports a wide range of playable video formats like AVI/MP4/3GP and audio formats like MP3/WAV/WMA etc among a few more.
  • Image formats supported include JPG, JPEG, PNG.

Video Brochures certainly add more elegance and nuance to any marketing strategy than the simple and age-old traditional paper brochures. . Being one of the leading video brochure manufacturers in UAE, our video brochure costs range from AED125.00 – AED205.00 depending on the intricacies involved in the creation of the brochure.

If you are desperately looking for companies or places where you can get corporate gifts in Dubai, Gift Planet is what you are looking for. Being badged as one of the Top 10 Corporate Gift Suppliers in UAE, we have enough variety of corporate gifts that you will require for your marketing and printing procedures.

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