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Buy Branded Portable Power Bank At The Best Price in UAE

Power bank has become as integral part of our daily life.  Over a period of time, the demand of this small, compact device have increased because we just cannot compromise on running out of battery whether we are working or just going for a walk. Power banks serve as a handy and convenient accessory as most of them come equipped with features like torch, card holder and a speaker to help you carry not just an extra source of power while you are on the move.

Everyday we strive to walk out of the house with a fully charged phone but sometimes circumstances are just the opposite. In such scenarios, we need to ensure that we have an uninterrupted and handy source of power supply to help us carry the day. Power banks offer substantial amount of charge and come with an easy-to-use mechanism making them one of our favourite backpack accessories.

If you want to know power bank price in UAE, you are at the right pace.

We are showcasing some of the best branded portable power bank available on Gift Planet online in UAE.

Best Branded Power Bank in UAE

Power banks at Gift Planet come in various shapes, capacities, sizes and with lot of features and either wired or wireless. Some of the best power banks in UAE add an unmatched level of comfort and convenience to your daily use be it a mobile phone or laptop.

Ranging from 50000mAh to 3000mAh, some of our latest power banks incorporate a torch, speaker or even a leather coating thus offering you the best of both worlds. We even sell wireless power banks which are high in demand since they even discard the need to carry a USB cable.

We have raised the bar high when it comes to selling the most sought after and best power banks in UAE.

Our inventory is equipped with power banks from leading manufacturers like Triap, Memorii, Santhome, Giftology among several others. Each and every power bank is advertised with pictures and descriptions to help you make the right decision. Our power banks are shipped all across UAE gathering lots of accolades from individuals, working professionals and corporate firms.

Power Bank Price in UAE

Power bank price in UAE depends on various aspects. The size, battery capacity and sometimes extra set of features.

Power bank 50000 mAh price depending on the brand starts at AED 900.

Power bank of capacity 20000 mAh price range varies from AED 100 to 200.

Power bank 3000 mAh price starts at AED 72

Is Gift Planet the best platform to choose a power bank?

The answer is YES! Our website caters to your needs at best. One can find branded power bank at the best price online in UAE. Pick from a wide range of power banks from 5000mAh to 10000mAh to 50000 mAh. We even have a huge selection of power banks for your laptops or mobile phones. You can surprise your employees or friends by giving them these power banks as a gift and there is definitely going to be no denying. Power banks, due to their compact and innovative nature have proved to be highly thoughtful presents even for those who take little or no interest in technology. Some of our power banks are designed with a leather coating making it a suitable pick for those who have a peculiar lifestyle about everything being up to the mark.

At Gift Planet, we make sure that your gift you choose aligns well with the feelings and emotions of your loved ones. Power banks being a frequent pick of all times, is truly a valuable accessory to delight the day of your nearest and dearest.


How long do power banks last?

A standard power bank with 5000mAh capacity will easily last 3 to 6 months considering the frequency of everyday use.

How do I choose a power bank?

If you are someone who is constantly travelling, you should opt for a higher capacity power bank. If you mostly commute back and forth from work, a 10000mAh power bank would be sufficient to charge your phone at least twice every day.

Does power bank ruin your phone?

While buying a power bank, due preference should be given to the voltage output. We need to make sure that the voltage output is similar to that of a wall charger.

How often should you charge a power bank?

Charging a power bank 4-5 times a week is good enough to help maintain its battery life and constant power delivery.

How long will a 20000mAh power bank last?

Approximately 6 to 8 months. You need to make sure to not overcharge it and prevent the power bank from accidental damage caused by spills and drops.

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