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Buy original XD Design anti theft backpack & secure your valuable items

Ensure the safety of your personal belongings within and around Dubai and UAE with the Bobby anti theft backpack. Its durable features offer immense security and reliability during your travels. 

Stylish in looks, technologically advanced, and a modern inbuilt anti-theft structure makes it a popular choice. Gift Planet exhibits these impeccable anti-theft backpacks in Dubai and UAE for youngsters, working professionals, and adventurous travellers for their everyday commutation. 

Besides, bobby is a famous name to denote the police force in the city of London. Thus, deriving its credentials from the surveillance authority, the backpack designers are out with an excellent safety product. 

Now avail the Bobby anti-theft backpack online at an affordable and an unbeatable price. You can choose your favourite colour from the multiple shades uploaded on Gift Planet web pages. 

Features of Bobby anti-theft backpack

 XD design

The XD design bobby biz is one of the famous Dutch brands with successful product flagships across 50 countries. Further to this, Its worldwide business has furnished an exclusive franchise to around 3000 retail outlets. Bobby backpack pro is one of their kickstart products launched in the year 2015. 

And post the anti-theft backpack release, its usage, appreciation, and reviews have skyrocketed, transcending all feasible records. In fact, anti-theft backpack features and reviews have attracted budding attention from like-minded customers and thus hiked its net sales. 

Go for this brand without a second thought and add a new and stunning backpack to your collection of apparel. 

Sustainable Fabrication

Yes, you read it right. Designers have fabricated Bobby anti-theft backpack in Dubai with an outstanding design. Its hidden zippers and secret pockets render it sturdiness to protect your belongings from damage or loss 

A universally recognized anti theft backpack with customized features, suitable for both men and women, is embellished with a unique design to cater to your daily needs. An elastic and padded bandage on the back adds flexibility to the backpack and maintains an optimal balance while travelling. 

Next, the anti-theft backpack’s fabricators craft it from water and cut-resistant luminous material, which adds extra durability to its fashionable structure. 

In fact, you can easily switch from a backpack to a briefcase design in this suitable and worthy backpack. The designers have installed quick and easy structural converters to perform the conversation activity via dedicated shiftable buttons. 

More to this, the illuminating safety strips surfacing behind the backpack solves the nuances of theft while travelling at night. 

And finally, its recyclable material and amazing multi-coloured designs can make anybody join its peaking fan list. 

Technologically Equipped

This backpack also incorporates an integrated USB port for charging your mobile phones while commuting. Additionally, it’s lockable zippers furnish an optimal assurance whenever and wherever you are out for travel. 

Furthermore, the bobby backpack pro is RFID equipped to avoid the unconventional skimming of your credit cards. 

Diversely Compartmentalized

The laptop backpack constitutes three spacious compartments to organize your stuff. Also, the designers have assigned separate compartments for keeping laptops and tablets. 

The bag can easily carry a laptop with dimensions 27 cm x 33 cm- 40 cm x 35 cm and a tablet measuring 25 cm x 12 cm- 18 cm x 1 cm (width x height x depth).

Or else put it, the has pocket sizes to hold a 15.6″ laptop and 9.7″ tablet. 

In fact, the backpack also contains a suitable division to accommodate a DSLR camera while you commute between places. 

The backpack is durable enough to hold a weight of around 13 L. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Bobby anti-theft backpack helpful for daily commuters?

The backpack with advanced features is a boon in the contemporary era of mass travelling. Huge cities with massive populations face the menace of pick-pocketing. Therefore, people travelling to school, college, offices, etc. can rely on this backpack and keep their personal belongings safe. 

Is Bobby’s anti-theft backpack an excellent gift item in Dubai?

Absolutely yes! The Bobby anti-theft backpack pro is an excellent and thoughtful gift product for your near and dear ones. It guarantees you to keep your belongings safe while commuting. 

Whom can you gift it to?

Be it your spouse, children, parents or close friends; this item is for everyone you care for. 

Therefore, place your order for an anti-theft backpack pro today and send a token of care to your loved ones. To place an order, add the selected item to your cart and proceed towards checkout. 

Our courier partners shall deliver this marvellous product to you anywhere in UAE

Without hassle, order it now and enjoy the advanced and exceptionally designer features of Bobby anti-theft backpack.

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