Best Promotional Items

Best Promotional Items

Best & Most Effective Promotional Items, and Giveaway Ideas for Businesses in UAE

best promotional items in UAE

Promotional merchandise or gifts or products or giveaways are goods branded with a logo or slogan or business name distributed at very little or no cost to promote a brand, corporate identity, or event. It is also called corporate gifting.

Dear Reader! You must have thought or must be thinking of promoting your brand or corporate identity at one point or the other in the development of your business organization: You most probably have heard of or even employed the use of promotional items in creating visibility for your brand which in some cases turned out less effective than you have anticipated.

You need not worry, this article encompasses the best of the best and most effective promotional products you can use to improve the visibility of your brand with maximized impressions on the populace.

The concept of creating visibility or the branding of a business enterprise using promotional items has been around for a long time and a lot of CEOs, business strategists, and social media handlers face quite some challenges in its effectiveness.

You probably have spent a credible amount on a set of promotional gifts that wasn’t received well by your audience, the durability of its effectiveness might be insubstantial and it might have been received negatively by your customers/audience. The best promotional items are integral and must be delicately selected.

Recently, a business corporation encountered with us an issue. They distributed a particular set of promotional gifts that was acquired for a ceremonial event and the item was not systemically aligned with the business’ portfolio and the needs of the audience. The item was so negatively received by the audience that most of it were left at the location of the event causing a great loss for them.

Choosing corporate gifts is not as simple as most people tend to conceptualize it and that is why this comprehensive list aimed at simplifying the process has been created.

Most of the creative promotional products on this list have been proved according to the ASI reports yielding an impression always higher than 3000.


Promotional giveaways are a great way to showcase your brand or corporate identity since it makes the receiving end feel lucky about receiving an unprecedented item. The following are the hottest promotional giveaway ideas for promoting your company or business:

Item Covers:

A lot of electronic devices now carry around them extra-protective cases meant to protect them. We all buy Item Covers now, for our phones, our watches, our hard drives, and more. You can make your item covers as very cheap promo gifts for customers with a logo and they can serve as efficient promotional products they make a great first impression on everybody that comes in contact with them and this is a lot of people since everyone tends to take their gadgets, especially their phones everywhere today. Item covers could also be made for spare tires and more.

Mobile Accessories:

Mobile Accessories serve almost the same functions as item covers and are almost as effective but they diverge at one point. While item covers and mobile accessories include covers for phones and gadgets, mobile accessories include USB drives, earpieces, USB chords, phone pouches, and screen protectors. These are trending giveaway items as we have a lot of users lobbying for them online. USB drives are considered archaic and out of trend but the ASI report shows that more than 56% of consumers would prefer them to power banks.

Power banks:

It is not surreptitious that we cannot afford to run out of battery on our phones/devices and this is what makes power banks one of the useful giveaway items, the importance and efficiency of acute, portable, and cheap power as banks have increased drastically over the years. And the more interesting fact is that people carry them everywhere, giving away a branded power bank is a great way to showcase your brand effectively.

Power bank price in UAE depends on various aspects. The size, battery capacity, and sometimes an extra set of features. Power bank 50000 mAh price depending on the brand starts at AED 900, Power bank of capacity 20000 mAh price range varies from AED 100 to 200 and Power bank 3000 mAh price starts at AED 72.

Wireless Chargers:

Customary tech accessory items have become widespread with the new dawn of the day. They have become the new trend of the day with their effectiveness spiked by their portability and cuteness, they can easily be branded to your taste and desire to be given away as promotional products making a great impression on users.


You need to know and choose the most effective promotional materials, materials that advertise your brand effectively and make a great first impression. They are also recorded to be held on to the longest by customers making them one of the best promotional items, they include:

Custom Printed Apparel:

Custom Printed apparel is a great way to showcase and advertise your brand effectively. You can also use them to outfit your workers to advertise your work and let people know what you do. Custom printed apparels come in different forms: in form of hats, T-shirts, Aprons, Face caps, and wristbands. It has been proven that these apparels are held on to buy customers for up to 16 months and these prove their durability and efficiency.

Having an attractive custom printed apparel brand is one of the best ways to advertise your work because generally, people love attractively branded apparel as it makes them feel they have exclusive access to them.

A particular example of custom printed apparel that has been making waves in the past 2-3 years is a face mask. The ASI reports found that 57% of customers would be more likely to do business with the advertisers if they give them a custom face mask. Over 80% of consumers say they wear them all or most of the time in public. While most might think the trend is closing up with the pandemic scandal, it is to be noted that it would still take quite some time for people to go back to not using face masks. Conclusively, a high-quality, attractive, and trendy mask has the opportunity to give your brand a huge look of invisibility.


Promotional Items such as keychains create customer loyalty. Customers are happy to receive them. They make their keys feel safe and easy to carry around. Keychains are one of the oldest and still one of the most efficient promotional ideas. Keychains are particularly cheap and cute and they serve as great impressionists. You should try them.

Leather Crafts:

Leather crafts are another one of the best promotional materials that are trending and people love a lot. Giving out leather Crafts gives a particular sense of quality and dignified attention to customers. The greatest thing about leather Crafts is that they be used in a great many ways and they cut across all other promotional items. They can be used as pouches for phones and other gadgets, they can be used as keyholders, they can be used as file cases, and they are most essentially used in wallets and credit cardholders. Consumers tend to hold on to more than expected.

Custom Printed Mugs:

If you are an intense coffee or tea lover, you would know the imperativeness of pretty and efficient Mugs and Cups in your life. Custom Printed Mugs are a great way to showcase/advertise your business because not only do they create a strong sense of customer loyalty but they send a strong message that you care about your customers intensely. A lot of people would spend credible amounts on custom mugs, but imagine being given for free.

They are also used as travel cups (that are taken around the world and advertise your work to people who didn’t even know of you) and sports bottles and that aids their efficiency as promotional products. Custom Printed Mugs can be held on to by customers for life!


With the rise in environmental awareness happening all over the world, a substantial amount of people are actively choosing to go green in all areas of their lives, people have felt the need to use eco-friendly materials and people love them. In fact, according to this article, 60% of people were interviewed in a survey from Good. Must.

Grow. stated that purchasing products from socially responsible companies was important to them and last year, nearly a third of women say they purchased more sustainable items than they did the year before. Since we’re all embracing the notion that protecting the environment is up to all of us, it only makes sense that businesses produce eco-friendly branding materials to follow this new and important green trend.

Using eco-friendly materials/items as promotional gifts sub-communicates to your customers that you support sustainability and that you feel, with them, a sense of responsibility to our environment. It dignifies you and increases your nobility, trustworthiness, and quality in their minds.

Eco-friendly materials can be made into different things unlimitedly. The use of bamboo lunch sets has particularly spiked in the past year. Recycled fleece blankets also become a trend that people are taking. Other examples are neutral staplers, cotton shopping bags, neutral desktop cubes, and bamboo coasters. Conclusively, giving out eco-friendly materials would bring great results in unexpected ways.

Cotton Shopping Bags

Cotton Shopping Bags are also one most useful promotional items today. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are also extremely inexpensive are generally more durable than most plastics. Their effectiveness is heightened by the fact that they will carry your logo everywhere. The cotton material is receptive and it will hold the ink of your logo longer than any other material.

Neutral Staplers

Neutral Staplers are another trending eco-friendly promotional products that are essentially being used by stationery companies. It can also be used by other companies as a worker encouragement gift. They are staple-free staplers and can be used anywhere (at home, schools, and offices) and they have low maintenance costs plus they are recyclable. They also eliminate the risk of cuts when using stapled staplers which makes one of the unique creative eco-friendly promotional items.

Neutral Desktop Cubes

Neutral Desktop Cubes are mostly, just like neutral staplers, used in offices and they serve as useful organizers of small materials like pens, pins,s, and paper notes. They can be used as worker aiding gifts.

Bamboo Coasters

Bamboo Coasters are one of the cheapest and best promotional items. Look around you, your kitchen, bars, and tables and you will most likely find a bamboo coaster. Asides from the fact that they are eco-friendly, they also send messages mostly to relaxed individuals ready to take the messages, about having a coffee or a drink, and most will probably take a picture of them and post it on their Instagram pages.

Jute bags

Jute bags have become one of the trending, most used, and valued products by consumers. Jute bags are eco-friendly, easy maintenance and extremely durable and with all these qualities they are cheap. They have high tensile strength and can carry a lot of things and are now employed by a lot of people. Jute bags make a great promotional product and you can use them to pack goods for your customers.


The problem most businesses face in choosing promotional items is the cost. Sometimes promotional items can cost a lot and, in those cases, be a burden on the business owner. Here is a list of promotional items that would cost you little:

  • Magnetic Holder For Smartphones: these cost very little on Giftplanet the minimum order for them is 500ED.
  • XDDesign A5 Hard Cover Notebook With X3 Pen
  • Giftology CARFO Cardholder + Desk Top (Black)
  • Promotional Octo Cable
  • SIMEK Keychain
  • Bamboo tea box


The importance of giving out promotional products in your business could hardly be overstated. Promotional products help you reach out to potential customers and clients. Giving out promotions is an efficient marketing technique as it creates awareness of you to the people. People will see it on other people and will make them more likely to buy from you. For example, if you are in a tech niche, it would be more advisable to give away USB drives as promotional items such that when people see them, they know what you do.

Promotional items in most cases serve as business cards dispensing to your customers and people around them your identity. It is a low-cost marketing technique. Compared to other advertising techniques, the cost of promotional items is very little while being more efficient. People love it when you give them things for free and it creates a sub-compulsive obligation in them to buy from you. Promotional items increase s the speed of your popularity among consumers.

Promotional Items can also be used to generate an E-mail list of potential customers. When you make customers sign up with their E-mail online to receive gifts, you can use that to generate an E-mail list that you use to do more follow-ups on them and can advertise your products directly.

The Effectiveness of Promotional Items in Branding/Advertising

Promotional Items compared to their strategies in branding/advertising is more effective in advertising. According to a recent study, 92.6% of marketers organize social media giveaways and 66.8% of these marketers or organizers use multiple platforms to host a contest or offer gifts to their audience. Promotional merchandise has become a very common concept and its effectiveness has only been incremental over the years.

Research has continually shown that promotional products can generate credible consumer traffic in a business establishment with about 89% of consumers remembering specific names of companies they received promotional gifts from a survey conducted recently.

According to a survey carried out by the Promotion Product Advertisement Institute, 94 percent could successfully recall a promotional product they received in the past two years, 83 percent reported that they liked receiving promotional products, 48 percent would like to receive Promotional Items more often and 69 percent typically keep the Promotional product received.

Consumers are recorded to make higher purchases after receiving a promotional product that from any other advertising technique with consumers purchasing 20.9 percent while purchasing 13.4 percent after viewing a print ad, 7.1 percent after viewing a TV ad, and 4.6 percent online. The use of Promotional is highly effective.


Psychologically, consumers are intrigued and mesmerized by the idea of something being free, and here’s why. Normally when consumers want to make a purchase, they would have to do some radical rational thinking about their needs and most importantly, their funds. This puts some kind of pressure on them but when an item is said to be given for free, it takes that burden of having to think off of them and they feel extremely happy and gives them a sense of being cared for.

Giving out free Promotional gifts to consumers or your audience might seem like a waste of money at first but it is a great way to attract a lot of potential customers to your business. The idea is worth it!


If you are wandering and in search of the largest promotional products supplier in UAE, then you should know about Gift Planet. Gift Planet is a well-established and dedicated supplier of corporate gifts popular for their work in Dubai and they have just spread their operations to Saudi Arabia. They have a very long and efficient list of Promotional and corporate gifts you can choose corporate and Promotional gifts specific to your line of the business, event, or social media influence. They have a ranging list of about 10,000 items.

Other top corporate gifting companies are:

  • Royal Promotion
  • Peacock Advertising
  • MotivatorUAE
  • Chess Gift
  • Stevens
  • Gift Supplier UAE
  • Gifts and Promotion UAE
  • Belfast UAE.


It has been shown in the article written above that promotional/corporate gifting is very essential and a list of the best promotional items ideas you can use has been stated. Hope this article has been useful for you. Try using these Promotional gift ideas and watch your business grow drastically.

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